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Elevate Wonder

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Local artist, Kelsey H. Fagan of ELEVATE, presents “Head Space”, a collection of hand-painted, cork-front trucker hats inspired by both Juneau’s natural beauty that surrounds us as well as the beauty cultivated by our own intentions and consciousness. Kelsey urges us, through wearable art, to find freedom in choosing our intentions. Utilizing her distinctive style of weaving together natural Alaskan imagery with concepts of resilient living, each hat is an original piece of art, fully functional and weatherproofed with a polyurethane coating. May our head spaces be filled with that which inspires us. (And when there’s just not room for that, may we wear our inspiration upon our heads in the hope that we just might inspire the world around us.)

Each hat is hand-painted and truly ONE OF A KIND! Hats are fully weatherproofed with a polyurethane weatherproofing sealant. CBJ sales tax is included in the sale, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the artist.

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