Contact and Fulfillment Policies

Fulfillment and Return Policies

We don't ship alcohol. We can't, we won't, and most importantly, we can't. We built this site in response to the current COVID 19 pandemic so that you all could order safely from the comfort of your home, or while parked out in front of the Baranoff while waiting for your order. Even though you have to enter all your shipping info, this site is meant to enable orders for pick up. In general, you can expect your order to be ready in 15 minutes or so. Usually less, unless someone is dropping off rhubarb, in which case it might take a bit longer. We don't accept returns of consumables, but we will offer replacements and refunds for faulty product. We do accept returns and exchanges for merchandise that has not been worn/used and is in the condition it was in when purchased.

Payments Are Secure


You can also call us at 907-209-2015. You can send e-mails to But, we recommend calling us during our open hours (12pm-7pm). Or you can fill out the contact form. That actually works pretty well.

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